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Biscuit’s Health Update Post Surgery

We received news from our vet yesterday that Biscuit’s polyps that the vet removed are actually tumors that are cancerous — ceruminous gland adenocarcinoma.  This type of tumor is locally infiltrative; the tumor can recur after surgery; and it has the possibility of metastasis to the lymph nodes.  Per the pathology results, the tumor showed low to intermediate grade of malignancy, and, unfortunately, the tumor cells were identified at the borders of the tumor.

The vet said that she thinks that she got all of the cancerous cells during surgery; and the vet did an additional procedure after the polyp/tumor removal, an ablation, in order to hopefully remove any remaining cancer cells.  The vet said per the results that there is a likelihood that the tumor can grow back.  If the tumor does come back, the vet will likely refer us to a surgeon to perform a total ear canal ablation.  We go back to our regular vet in about 1.5 weeks for Biscuit’s ear and dental recheck.  At this time, the vet will show us how to check Biscuit’s lymph nodes at home on a regular basis, and how to check his ear to ensure that we monitor his left ear closely in order to identify any change(s).   When we go to the vet, we are also going to check Biscuit’s urine and blood work again during this vet visit to recheck Biscuit’s thyroid levels and kidney enzymes.  We really hope  that the kidney values will not show an increase; and we hope for a decrease in Biscuit’s kidney enzymes.  Finally, in mid May, we go and see the specialist concerning Biscuit’s kidneys.

Thank you again for all of your good wishes and prayers for Biscuit.  We greatly appreciate it.  Thank you.  Biscuit has been quite active and content thus far since surgery — and we hope that this continues.  We plan to take Biscuit on some adventures this weekend!

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  1. Louie and Bitsey Ross Wilson #

    Our prayers are with this precious guy….Each time I see him, he looks stronger and stronger – I see more energy in him also.

    He’s a trooper – we are thinking of him!

    Faith,Shane, Louie, and Bit-Bit VVvv

    May 2, 2013
  2. Dana Atnip #

    I hope Biscuit is doing well post-surgery, despite certain test results. My cat had a cancerous tumor removed when he was 15 and the vet said that he may actually outlive the cancer, and he did, making it to just shy of 18 years of age. Continue to keep your spirits up, and love nad healing thoughts to Biscuit! 🙂

    May 3, 2013
  3. Liz #

    Sending love and positive thoughts to all of you!

    May 5, 2013

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