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Victory: First Christmas

Victory had a wonderful Christmas!  A few photographs are shown below of Victory on her first Christmas!  The first image is one of my favorites of Victory sitting by the Christmas tree!  I think that we will get a photo ornament made for our Christmas tree next year!

On Christmas we took Victory to go see a light display and she loved the car ride and the lights!  A photo from the Christmas light display is shown below!

Victory also has received some very nice gifts shown below!  It was a nice surprise to receive some gifts from a blog reader!  Thank you!

On another note, anyone who has been to our home knows that Doug has a menagerie of “friends” (stuffed cheetahs and pandas).  We have more “friends” than we know what to do with.  Our entire guest room has hundreds of “friends” all of whom have names!  However, while we were visiting family this past week, in a moment of weakness, we rescued a friend named “Buddy,” pictured below!  Buddy is a 4.5 foot tall panda, our largest friend yet!   Victory even posed with Buddy, shown below!

Happy Pawlidays!


IMG_6430 2

IMG_6556 2

IMG_6693 2

IMG_6765 2

IMG_6847 2

IMG_6758 2

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  1. Anonymous #

    Very cute pictures of Victory!

    December 26, 2013
  2. Pat Pope #

    Very cute pictures of Victory!

    December 26, 2013

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