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Creating A Strong Portfolio

As photographers and artists, it is very important to update your portfolio.  Below are some tips to help curate a strong portfolio.

1. Limit the number of images.  The best way to make your portfolio stronger is to limit the number of images in your portfolio to your ‘strongest images.’  This can be difficult.  If you are having trouble, it is a good idea really reflect on your work, and if need be, to seek critiques from those you trust.  In the book, Annie Leibovitz At Work, Annie Leibovitz indicated that the greatest and most difficult work we do as a photographer is being the editor and curator of our own work.  I think that this is true.  This is why I believe it truly helps to obtain feedback from those you trust and from those whose work you respect.  

2. Highlight what you want to shoot.  Only highlight in your portfolio what you want to photography because this is what you will attract.  Go over each image in your portfolio closely, and eliminate what you do not want to photograph in order to highlight what you do want to photograph.

3. Avoid mixing different genres in one portfolio.  In addition to limiting your images to your strongest images, concentrating your work into individual portfolios by genre will also make the work appear stronger.

4. Update your portfolio often with strong, new work.  It is important to consistently update your portfolio with strong, new work.  You want people who visit your website/portfolio to see your current work.  Your website and blog are your primary tools to showcase your work, so it is important that your work is current.

Happy Monday!


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