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I very much miss the classroom based critiques from college.  It was always nice to put up my work and receive feedback from peers and my professor on my work.

However, since I am not currently in a traditional classroom setting, I find the following helpful in terms of obtaining feedback on my work — projects.

1. Critique Partner: Find a critique partner in order to help give each other feedback on your respective work to help ensure that you are making ‘strong work.’  I believe having a critique partner or regular critiques, with people you trust is a nice way to receive feedback on my work.

2. Artists You Admire: Contact artists whose work you admire to see if he/she will provide you with feedback on your work.  Most people are happy to help.  I have reached out to photographers whose work I admire, and I have formed some nice relationships with other photographers and artists who have provided feedback on my work, which has been very helpful.

3. Former Professor(s): If you still have relationships with former professors, you can reach out to him/her and request feedback on your work.

4. Photography Conference: Attend photography conferences such as the Society for Photographic Education, where you can have access to many artists in one location to receive feedback on your work.

5. Galleries: Contact Galleries and determine whether you can pay for a consult to have a gallery review your work.

6. Organizations: If the intent of your work is to communicate for a specific cause, belief, political issue, etc., you can reach out to organizations who might be able to put you in touch with someone like-minded who can also provide feedback on your work.

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