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2014 — Love Your Furry Family Member Day!

Today is Love Your Furry Family Member (Pet) Day!  Give your furry family member an extra hug and kiss today!  I am sure your little furry family member would love some extra love, special treats, and toys, etc.!

Victory will be getting extra love, special treats, and a new toy today — which is not different from most days for Victory!  We believe that Victory knows everyday is her special day as she runs our house!  In addition, we may take Victory on a car ride later today.  She loves the car and she loves to look out the window!  While in the car earlier this week, Victory surprised me and she put her front paws on the front arm rest, in an upright position, while sporting a huge smile on her face — she was so happy!  However, since she is mobile in the car, Victory will be in a seat belt, if I one of us is not able to hold her in the car!  She is getting more confident and comfortable each day!  Victory (as well as her fur coat) is blooming!  We are so happy our beloved little Biscuit sent us little Victory!

Happy Thursday!


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