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Victory: Photography Project — Part 6

“If I had a dollar for every time my dog made me smile, I would be a millionaire.” ~Unknown

I have recently begun a weekly photography project with my muse, Victory!  I will continue to share this project on the blog!  I have also been documenting Victory’s milestones so to speak each month — you can read these here!  I think that it is fun to document all of Victory’s changes, while preserving fleeting moments and memories.

We have had what seems like a ton of snow this winter!  Victory has experienced more snow in the short amount of time since we adopted her than Biscuit ever did!  They both like the snow!  Last week, when we opened our front door all we could see was tons of snow — snow, snow, and more snow!  I wanted to capture this moment in time.  The image on the lower right, below, is one of my favorite images of little Victory for so many reasons!

Victory is doing very well and she is making great progress.  Her confidence is building, and we hope to make even more progress when we begin our training next month!  Within the past week, Victory has expanded her radius in our house from only going into our bedroom and living room!  She now comes to the dining room table at dinner time for some goodies (similar to little Biscuit), and she made her way to the kitchen!  She even made it down to her Daddy’s study to keep him company while he worked!  I really do think that she is her Daddy’s girl!  She showers her Daddy with a face and arm washing each night before bed!

Happy Wednesday!


IMG_9620 2

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  1. Pat Pope #

    When you said a lot of snow you really meant it! The bottom right photo reminds me of the one of Biscuit trudging thru the snow.

    February 19, 2014

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