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Preveal: Hanging Images at Home

Doug and I have just about finished hanging all of our art and photographs on the walls of our new home.  However, there is still space to hang more images and art in our home!  I came across this neat program, Preveal, an ipad app.  As shown below, Preveal allows you to take a photo of your living room, bedroom, or any room in your home — wherever you would like to hang your images and display accurately sized renditions of various wall displays!  I am very visual, and this app makes it easy to see what a framed image will look like prior to actually hanging it!

I am a strong proponent of making physical copies of my images versus having them sit on my computer and external drives.  Images make a nice addition to any home!  Plus, it is a ‘happiness boost’ for most people, including myself, to view their images regularly — this is why Biscuit and Victory are shown throughout our home so that we can enjoy them everyday!

1. First, take a photo of your wall with a letter sized piece of paper on it.


Preveal 1


2. Then, select what combination of framed and matted images that you want  to see in that spot.

Preveal 2


3. Then  choose which photos you want to see to help you decide which images to hang and where to hang them!

Preveal 3


Happy Tuesday!

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  1. So fun to wake up to blog posts like this in my inbox! Thanks for the Preveal-love, we’re thrilled to hear you’re enjoying it!


    January 15, 2014

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