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Victory: Three Months In

“All his life he tried to be a good person.  Many times, however, he failed.   For after all, he was only human.  He wasn’t a dog.” ~Charles Schulz

This Sunday, January 12, 2014, marks three months since we adopted our little Victory!  Victory had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Below are some things that we learned about Victory this month:

  • She loves to chew.  Each morning, we wake up to our pillow cases having more holes and teeth marks!  Luckily, I purchased some inexpensive pillow cases and a back up of our nice sheets and pillow cases!  We also purchased some chew toys and shoe laces, which she loves — it is just teaching her the difference between what she can and cannot chew!
  • She travels well.  Victory did really well in the car during our holiday travels.  She sat on my lap in the car during the duration of our trip!
  • She is still very quite.  Victory has not ‘talked’ to us yet — she has not yet barked or made any vocal noises.  We hope that, in time, this will change.
  • She is spending more time on the floor in our home instead of being on furniture or in her crate, which we have coined her ‘hut!’  (Victory’s crate is always open for her to go in and out of as she wishes — she likes having her ‘safe place.’)
  • She still prefers not to share the sidewalk with any other pedestrians!  We are not sure how much time Victory spent outside while she lived in the horrendous hording situation.  We are going to start training very shortly to help us!
  • She still likes to wake us up during the night to have a drink of water.  We are working on teaching Victory where her water bowl is located a short distance away in the bathroom attached to our bedroom!
  • She still loves to cuddle and give us loads of kisses!
  • She is beginning to blossom — her fur coat is coming in more each day!
  • Finally, we learned that Victory might have a sister or cousin — Chrissy, who has been adopted — you can see the resemblance in their size and coloring.  Chrissy also came from the same  horrendous hording situation that Victory also experienced.

We love our little beautiful Victory and look forward to the spring and warmer temperatures to go on some outings together!

Enjoy the images of Victory, shown below, taken just before the really cold temperatures hit our area — she looks absolutely beautiful!

Happy Friday!


IMG_6908 4

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