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There are times to dream, and times to savor

Dreams are so important.  Without them, life would be pretty boring and I believe that it is positive and healthy to have goals and strive to achieve them.  In fact, I made a vision board of my dreams that I update regularly!  However, sometimes, though, we get wrapped up into what is next that we miss out on the now, the present.  Biscuit taught me this important lesson.  Biscuit was always so acutely attuned to the present moment not worrying about the past or the future.  In fact, Biscuit was so present that, without fail, he always knew what time dinner was supposed to be served — no matter where we were!

I am learning that it is ok to stay right where you are, savoring it.  There are times to dream and times to savor.  I am learning this really important piece — that sometimes we get caught up in creating new dreams for ourselves, or thinking that we should be dreaming, that we forget that it is perfectly ok to savor the ones that are currently living and breathing in our lives today without even the thought of the next dream, the next path.  So simple, yet so true.  I thought that I would pass this on because there is so much power in simply resting inside our lives and dreams as they are today — to really savor every second.  There are times to dream, and times to savor.

Happy Friday!


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