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Progress on the Home Front

Doug and I are virtually unpacked and organized in our new home a little over a week since we moved!  It has been a lot of work to say the least!  We made a to do list for our move, and we have been checking items off as we go!  We still have some items that we need to purchase for our new home and we can begin to decorate — the fun part!   I am excited to hang our art and images on our walls.  It has been like Christmas opening our packed boxes with our belongings that we have not seen in over a year — since we started packing last year when we received a contract on our former home.  It is nice to have some semblance of order now as we have been getting our home ready to welcome our new furry family member, Victory!  We will be meeting little Victory very soon so please stay tuned!

Fortunately, Doug has been really helpful during our packing and unpacking process — these are not my favorite tasks to complete.  Two moves within nine months during the time since we sold our last house and waiting for our current home to be built has been a lot of work, more work than we anticipated, but it is well worth it!  We feel very grateful to have this new house, which is nice and peaceful.

While unpacking, I found and put up my quotable magnets on the fridge!  I love quotes.  (Some of my quotable magnets got ruined at our last house, so I plan to replace them — I have had fun collecting them over the years!)  We also decided to place Biscuit’s special stone in our foyer, pictured below.  We originally planned to place Biscuit’s stone, which states the name of this blog, outside on our porch; however, we did not want the weather and elements to ruin his stone.  It is a constant reminder of our precious little Biscuit.  His images adorn our home.  We both miss our precious Biscuit very much.


IMG_0783 2

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