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Why I Like Photo Albums

Most people today have their images saved on their phones and computers.  Doug and I actually still keep photos in our wallet/purse.  Some people are surprised to see this “old-fashioned” method of sharing photographs.  Creating actual photo albums seems to be a practice of the past.  Especially after Biscuit’s passing, I am thankful that I have consistently printed images and continued make photo albums documenting our life together.  It is also nice to go back and look at photographs from when Doug and I first met nine years ago!  It is nice to be able to flip through actual pages of the albums I have made.  I have made about 18 photo albums over the past nine years.  Being able to see and touch the pages in a photo album has a tactile element that is often lost with our technology today.  (I also electronically store and archive all of our digital images as well).  I am in the process of making the remaining photo albums of our little Biscuit.   It is difficult knowing that I am not able to photograph Biscuit any longer.

The photo album making process also helps me determine what images I am going to hang and/or display in our home.  The select images that I am especially fond of I have printed on fine art archival paper; and then I have these images matted and framed in an archival fashion and displayed in our home in order to preserve these photographs.

If you print your images as you take them, it makes the task of creating photo albums much less daunting.  Thus, I encourage you to create actual photo albums, which simultaneously make nice family heirlooms!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Pat Pope #

    I was happy to see one of my favorite images of Biscuit on the front of YOUR album.

    October 1, 2013

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