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Dog Beds: Finding the Right One for Your Furry Family Member

These days, there are so many dog bed options for your furry family member!  At times, it can be difficult to discern what type of dog bed to purchase for your favorite furry family member!  Outlined below are descriptions of a few different types of dog beds — and you might find the perfect dog bed match for your furry family member!

1. Therapeutic/Orthopedic Support Beds: Therapeutic/orthopedic beds are designed especially for dogs with arthritis or other orthopedic problems.  These type of dog beds are typically made with high quality thick foam, proving extra support for dogs’ bodies, which prevents less stress on dogs’ joints.  These type of dog beds are mainly designed for seniors and thin dogs.

2. Lounging Dog Beds: Lounging beds typically offer the softest and roomiest spots possible for your furry family member!  If your dog falls asleep on his/her back, these classic square or round beds deliver ample room to stretch, and plenty of cushiony support.  Many of these beds are covered with materials such as fleece, flannel, denim, faux suede, or microfiber.  They often contain a polyester filling and/or foam padding.  Lounging beds range in quality from basic economy to more expensive designer versions.

3. Nesting Dog Beds:  Nesting beds provide a pillowy nest with lots of protection.  These beds feature higher walls and supportive sides for dogs.  Some nesting beds also have raised edges.  The raised edge feature makes it ideal for your dog to lean on or curl up — just like a nest.  Dogs look so adorable all nestled in their nest!

4. Donut Dog Beds: Much like nesting beds, described above, donut dog beds provide a rim or edge around the bed.  This edge is a pillow that lets your dog really curl up and sink in.  These beds are typically round or oval and made of very soft material.

5. Outdoor Dog Beds:  Outdoor dog beds are ideal to have during the warm months during the year.  Most dogs like to be with their human companions, so having the ability to provide your furry family member with comfort outside via an outdoor dog bed is very fitting!  Most outdoor dog beds have a polyester/canvas cover, specifically treated to prevent water absorption.  Also, the covers on outdoor dog beds are usually removable for cleaning purposes.

6. Heated Dog Beds:  Heated dog beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, while providing gentle heat and warmth to your furry family member.  Some beds even utilize your dog’s own body heat to reflect the warmth they crave.  Heated dog beds are ideal for the cooler months, small breed dogs, or for senior dogs that need a little extra warmth.

7. Cooling Dog Beds:  Have you ever noticed your furry family member lying on a cold hard floor after he/she has been playing outside?  Fortunately, there are dog beds that offer a cool yet comfortable surface for your dog to relax and cool down.  Cooling dog beds are usually made out of plastic and are filled with a water or gel like liquid.  Dog breeds that have a tendency to overheat will benefit the most from a cooling dog bed.

8. Travel Dog Beds:  If you enjoy traveling with your furry family member, then you might want to have a travel bed on hand.  These beds are much like a typical dog bed, except that they roll up, which saves space, while traveling.  A travel bed gives you the flexibility to provide a comfortable spot for your furry family member while your furry family member is away from home.




All of the dog bed types, briefly described above, are offered in many different designs and colors.  Victory loves to sleep in our bed during the night; however, during the day she loves to sleep on her lounging bed!

This post is in partnership with Swell Pets.  You can view Swell Pets’ dog beds here.

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