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Things I Love: Fall 2013

Can you believe that it is officially fall already!  The summer seemed to zoom right by!  I am happy it is fall because fall is my favorite season and time of year!  Shown below are a few things that I am loving!


Things I love Fall 2013


1. Organix – I love Organix shampoo and conditioner.  I have tried the awapuhi ginger shampoo and conditioner and it works really well!  I picked this up at the store on a whim, and it works really well, especially for a non-salon shampoo and conditioner.  My hairdresser commented how good my hair felt!

2. House of Cards – Doug and I recently renewed our Netfix subscription and greatly enjoyed the series, House of Cards!  It was very good and we could not stop watching one episode after another — we were hooked!  Also, portions of this series was filmed in Baltimore!

3. GU Desserts – I recently discovered the GU Desserts at Wegmans.  The chocolate gnanche is decadent– although it has tons of calories!  As a result, I am not going to make a habit of eating these ymmy treats too often!  I look forward to sampling more of the other GU Desserts!  I highly recommend trying these yummy temptations!

4. KRR Scarves – I recently ordered the Kelly Rae Roberts “Have Faith” and “Surrender” scarves.  I really like the messages on these scarves and, perhaps by wearing them, it will create stronger faith and the ability to surrender, which are especially helpful messages when one is pursuing creative endeavors.  Also, I found that I like scarves — a nice accessory to dress up an outfit!

5. Word Stones – I love stones with inspiring words on them.  I recently started to collect them, and I discovered some stones with words at Ten Thousand Villages, a non-profit, fair trade company.  This store has really neat items from all over the world.

6. Virgils Orange Cream Soda – This is the best orange cream soda that I have ever had!  I do not drink a lot of soda, but this is a special treat.  I highly recommend trying this soda if you like orange cream soda!

Happy Wednesday!

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