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Featured: Pets Blog, The Magazine for Pet Lovers

I was incredibly honored when Roberto Russo, a writer, from Petsblog, who featured my photographs from my black and white series.  I am very grateful to have a feature article in Petsblog discussing my photography and also sharing my images.  Petsblog is based in Milan, Italy and this online magazine is dedicated to the world of pet animals.  You can read the entire featured article here.  (The English translation is displayed immediately below.)

A big thank you to Roberto Russo, Writer, Petsblog!


The Dogs and Their Personality in Photographs

The photographer Katherine Carver takes photographs in black and white of dogs trying to highlight their personality.

Dogs are cute, they are nice, cheerful, playful, and gullible.  And they are all different from each other.  Obvious to us that we live with dogs, but perhaps not so obvious for those who think that dogs are a big category in which the only difference is more or less the tonnage of Fido.  The dogs, however, have their own well defined personality that not only varies from breed to breed, but even within the same race in a thousand shades — you will never find two dogs of the same breed that have the same personality.  Like us humans, even non-human animals are all different from each other.

She knows well the American photographer, Katherine Carver, who photographed many dogs in a project strictly in black and white to emphasize the intimacy, the singularity, and the emotions of our furry friends with the intention of shedding light on those aspects that often escape us and that, perhaps, you take for granted.

It all started when Katherine Carver and her husband adopted Biscuit.  Sharing life with this dog, has meant that Katherine always went around with her camera to capture the special moments in the life of her furry friend.  And this commitment to tell the stories of dogs through this medium of photography, Katherine Carver continues to carry it forward even not that her Biscuit went to the Rainbow Bridge.  So Katherine continues to tell stories of dogs everywhere, highlighting the personality of each of them.


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