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Honoring Biscuit: One Year — A Letter to Biscuit

Dearest Biscuit:

We cannot believe that your physical being has been gone a year ago today.  Our time together was too short, just two and a half years.  During this time, you changed our lives forever.  We miss you very much.  We know that your physical being has left this life, but we know that you are always with us.  You brought us so much joy and you gave us so many, many gifts that we are so thankful for that we continue to receive today.  We think of you every day and your images are displayed throughout our home.  Whenever we see an vibrant orange sky or a rainbow, we think of you.  Your gift of your sissy, Victory, makes us think of you every day as well.  Although you two have distinct personalities, she exudes some of the characteristics you exhibited.  This is why we know you sent us the ‘right sheltie friend.’  We thought we would describe to you how you two share some of the same qualities.

1. You and Victory are extremely cautious.  You both are weary of new situations and people.  You always had anxiety of being left somewhere; and Victory gets scared of new people and situations.  We know that her confidence will continue to grow.  She has made significant progress since she came to live with us and joined our family.

2. You and Victory sleep in during the morning.  We are lucky in that you both like to sleep in, which is very nice on the weekends!

3. You and Victory are night owls.  We think that you both would prefer a later bed time during the week!

4. You and Victory like the snow.  You both enjoy walking around in the snow.  During recent winters, we received quite a bit of snow along with some snow days.

5. You and Victory love to sleep in front of the fan.  You both love sleeping in front of the fan during naps and during the night; and you both position yourselves in the path of the fan.

6. You and Victory love to beg at the dinning room table and while we make dinner in the kitchen!  This is partially our fault for giving in to you because you two are so cute when you beg for food — of course, we do this in moderation!

7. You and Victory love to eat yogurt!  You loved yogurt parfaits that I made for you on the weekends and Victory loves eating yogurt on the weekends as well gobbling it up in no time flat!

8. You and Victory love ice cream (in moderation, of course!)  You both love ice cream.  Remember the time in Nova Scotia where we gave you Cows Ice Cream and you got a tummy ache because it was so rich (a high butter fat content) — fortunately a local vet helped us out and we had to give you Pepto-Bismol via an eye dropper — those were good times chasing you around the cottage with an eye dropper trying to help you!  Victory loves ice cream as well, but we are careful not to give her too much!

9. You and Victory love to go to Home Depot/Lowes!  When we sold and moved out of our old house, while we waited for our current house to be finished being built, we had to get you more outings as you missed our old neighborhood and house.  Daddy came up with the idea of taking you to Home Depot and Lowes since these stores are furry friend friendly!  You loved going and everyone told you how handsome you were.  Many people thought you were a girl because you were just so happy and beautiful!  Victory also loves going to Home Depot/Lowes.  She also receives many nice comments about how beautiful she is and she smiles ear to ear prancing around the store!

10. You and Victory love to go on outings in the car!  We are fortunate that you both travel extremely well in the car and you enjoy it!  You both love to go in the car with us and the destination does not concern you both — you just like going out and about.  We shared so many dinners, adventures, and lovely vacations together.  We will never forget those times together.  Victory also loves going in the car and she loves coming home and going into the garage.  She thinks it is the best thing ever — who knew a garage could be that exciting, but it is for Victory!

11. You and Victory allow me to photograph you.  You both are so patient with me when I photograph you.  I think you both know what the camera is, as you both are naturals in front of the camera.  You are my muse and have brought photography back into my life.

12. You and Victory love to be with us and you are both special and perfect just the way you are!  You both enjoy being with us as much as we enjoy being with you two.  You and Victory are great company and companions — you are our little fur babies!  We have been blessed with wonderful shelties and we could not be happier to have you both a part of our lives.  You both are special and warm our hearts.  We cannot imagine not having either one of you as part of our little family.  We love you both.

Thank you for being part of our lives, Biscuit.  Your memory will always live on and we will never forget you.  You are the reason Biscuit’s Space exists and Biscuit’s Space will continue in your great memory.  You also inspired my dog photography project and I hope, upon its completion, it will have a positive impact.  This body of work is for you and it will be dedicated to you.  We love you, Biscuit.  We know that you are with us always.

Love always,

Mamma & Daddy


Biscuit One Year




Biscuit ORVIS P.C.  2011jpg




IMG_4813 4

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  1. Pat Pope #

    You must have been crying as you wrote this because I couldn’t help but cry as I read it. Biscuit always touches my heart because he reminds me of my Major. Your photos of him are priceless memories.

    July 7, 2014

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