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A Daily Practice

“The secret to your future is hidden in  your daily routine.” ~ Mike Murdock

Blogging is a daily practice for me.  This blog was inspired by Biscuit, and this blog is like my little heaven.  It is this place where I get to talk about things and ideas that are on  my mind, what inspires me, my projects, my life, and people I love — and who doesn’t like to do that?  I do not have advertisers on my blog so that I can keep it about what I want, ideas that are important to me, without worrying about anything else.

What I really have become to realize is this blog is like a photograph as it captures little snippets in time forever.  I also like keeping a blog as it creates a daily record, that I can refer back to at anytime.  Often times, we do not remember the small events that happen on a daily basis.  My hope, with this blog, is to share, capture, and preserve.  Later this year, I also plan to have a blog book made as well, and I plan to do a blog book for each year worth of blog posts.

I have met some really wonderful people through this blog.  Biscuit certainly gave us so many gifts in the short time that we spent with him and his gifts he gave to us, which we continue to receive today, will be with us forever.  Doug, Biscuit, and I really made the most of our time together, and I hope to carry out this theme in my own life — making the most of each day and each opportunity.   Often times, I have found, that the best opportunities and gifts present themselves in ways I could not have imagined or planned!  So, the lesson, I have learned, is to be open and let life fully in your heart.

For anyone out that has any desire to begin a daily blog, I highly recommend it — remember you can begin anywhere.


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  1. Those look good enough to eat! I wish I could fall aseelp on the couch in the middle of the afternoon. A late afternoon nap is one of my favorite things in the world. Unfortunately, it is not one of my daughter’s favorite things in the world anymore!

    December 19, 2013

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