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Project Life 365

Project Life 365 is a photo-a-day challenge that brings creatives together under a common interface to utilize their creativity.  Each day a “daily inspiration” is provided that will stimulate your creative juices!  (You can provide yourself  with your own direction instead of using the daily prompts!)  It does not matter whether you are literal, logical, or a free spirit; there are no wrong answers.  You can use your own DSLR camera and/or the camera on your phone.  The outcome of this project is that you will create and accumulate many images documenting your daily life.

I think that this is a neat project idea!  I typically photograph something virtually everyday, but I never thought of creating a project out of my daily photographs.   Because I like to document our little Biscuit, I photograph him just about everyday!  Even though the year is half over already (the time if flying), I think that I might give this project a try to capture and document some moments that I would not ordinarily think of capturing!  If you are interested in starting your own Project Life 365, you can read more here!

Here is a recent image of little Biscuit enjoying an outing!  (More photos of Biscuit are coming soon!)


IMG_1667 2

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