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Good Read: Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields


Recently, I finished reading the book Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields.

I enjoyed reading this book.  In a nutshell, this book is about managing the creative process, particularly with regard to entrepreneurial pursuits.  In this book, Jonathan Fields has drawn on his own experience of success, transformation, effort, and uncertainty to give us pointers on how to face our fears and use them to propel us forward, rather than hold us paralyzed.  Not only is this book motivational, inspiring you to take courageous decisions, it also provides practical advice on how to deal with the fear and take steps to avoid disaster.

Jonathan Fields offers a fresh perspective on the creative process based on his own experiences as well as research.  He frames the creative process in a new way by talking about things like creativity anchors, co-creation hives, attentional training, and reframing.

I appreciate how he brings these complex ideas down to earth for readers. I think the strongest part of his book are the thought-provoking questions he posses to readers.  These are found throughout every chapter.  In addition, he provides a “Conversation Starter” in the back which includes even more ideas for the active mind to ponder!

Fields continually encourages self-reflection, and I for one agree that self-awareness is key to not only successfully navigating creative pursuits, but to learning and growing in general.  One of the most helpful insights I got out of this book was about the value of certainty anchors and in particular the importance of rituals in creative endeavors.

The other important message I gleaned from Fields’ book related to co-creation hives.   The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one, and  therefore gaining support and assistance from others along the way can be very rewarding.  With co-creation hives Fields recommends formalizing the process to ensure a win-win arrangement that best leverages a cohort of value-adding contributors.

For me, the primary message of this book is to accept uncertainty (as hard as that may be).  Whenever you start on a new path or venture or endeavor, accept the uncertainty.  Looking for any guarantees before you start can only lead to mediocre work and not great work.  Great work is possible by accepting “uncertainty and its trusted sidekicks: risk of loss and exposure to judgment.”

In reality, there is uncertainty with everything in life.

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