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A Happy Hello from Biscuit!

Below is a photograph of little Biscuit sniffing around  just as it began snowing.  If you look closely, you can see some of the small snowflakes on Biscuit’s fur coat!

Biscuit is doing well.  He recently began taking his thyroid medicine as he has been diagnosed with an under active thyroid.  In addition to his thyroid medicine, Biscuit currently takes the following medicine/supplements daily –medicine for his kidneys; medicine for his ear; Glycoflex, a joint supplement for his arthritis; Wellactin, a nutritional supplement; and Royal Canin prescription food.  Biscuit loves his Greenies Pill Pockets that we use to give him his medicine/supplements!  At times, Biscuit has taken to even picking out the pills and supplements out of his Greenies, in order to get more Greenies!  We take Biscuit back to the vet in a month for blood work and urinalysis to check all of his levels.  Doug and I strive to be diligent and stay on top of all of Biscuit’s medical needs to ensure he gets the best medical care. 

Biscuit seems to have more energy than usual, and he is even running/galloping at times! — perhaps it is due to the new thyroid medicine he is taking! 

Happy Friday!

IMG_4213 3

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