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A Groomed Biscuit!

Biscuit just got groomed this past weekend and he is looking great!  Below are a few photographs of Biscuit going for another winter walk this past weekend!

Biscuit began his thyroid medicine this week to help with his under active thyroid.  We took Biscuit to the vet again for a follow-up appointment earlier this week and his ear infection is gone; however, Biscuit has an inflamed left ear with polyps.  As a result, we are trying new ear drops along with cleaning his ear daily in the hopes of reducing the inflammation in his left ear.  The vet suggested that if this course of treatment does not prove successful, we should schedule a consult with a dermatologist to seek alternatives to treat his left ear.  (Biscuit’s left ear has always had issues since we rescued him due to a ruptured ear drum in his left ear which he had when he was initially taken to the Sheltie Haven Sheltie Rescue, Inc. after being found on the streets of North Carolina.)

Otherwise, Biscuit is in great spirits — he is giving us his paw, a high-five, all the time in exchange for his prescription kibble (used as treats)!  Biscuit still enjoys his walks and, at times, he even gallops, which is the equivalent of running for Biscuit!

We think that Biscuit looks more attractive than the 2013 Best of Breed Shetland Sheepdog — I know, we are biased!


IMG_4418 2

IMG_4423 3

Happy Wednesday!

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