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Dog DNA Testing

Recently, my Dad had his dog Nick’s DNA tested out of curiosity to get additional information on the “mix breed” part of Nick’s genetic make-up.  Nick is a Pappillon mix rescue dog.  My dad used Wisdom Panel Insights for Nick’s DNA test.  However, we question the reliability of this DNA test.  As shown below, Wisdom Panel Insights states that Nick has the following breeds in him: Newfoundland (11.55%); Yorkshire Terrier (8.46%); Lhasa Apso (5.72%); West Highland White Terrier (3.73%); and Miniture Pinscher (2.33%).

After recently obtaining the DNA test results, my Dad was not too impressed and a bit disappointed with the DNA test results from Wisdom Panel Insights.  The DNA results list little Nick as having the Newfoundland breed in him (the largest breed listed in the DNA results) — which seems a little far-fetched.  So, before you have your dog’s DNA tested, it might be a good idea to research possible vendors and how they test for each dog’s DNA; and read others’ reviews on dog DNA testing.  (I am certainly not an expert in this area.)

Nevertheless, we still love Nick no matter what his genetic make-up — just look at those captivating eyes!  Nick love his Daddy more than anyone!

IMG_3408 2

Nick DNA 1

Nick DNA 2

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