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Holiday Cards!

I am not sure where the month of December went, as it is drawing to a close.  It is hard to believe Christmas is just five days away!  I finally finished and mailed my Holiday cards this morning!  My Holiday cards were mailed a little later than usual, but hopefully everyone, including those on the west coast, will receive their Holiday cards in time for Christmas!  (We recently had a few mishaps receiving our mail, including receiving our completed Holiday card).  

I love making photo cards, and here is a sneak peek at this year’s Holiday card in the envelope!  You will have to wait to see the actual Holiday card when you receive it in the mail!  Of course, our little Biscuit is the hallmark of our Holiday card this year as well as last year!  Happy Holidays!

IMG_2835 3

Biscuit is doing well and he is ready for Christmas travels!  Below is a photograph of Biscuit as he was waking up from a nap on his Orvis bed!   He kept me company as I finished up our cards!

IMG_2817 3

Happy Thursday!

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