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Fan Mail!

To our surprise last night, Biscuit received some Christmas gifts from a fan of his blog!  Pat Pope along with her sheltie, Dusty, was kind enough to think of Biscuit for the Holidays!  We are going to wait to open these beautifully wrapped gifts on Christmas.  Biscuit sniffed out his box last night when we opened the gift box from Pat.  We are very grateful for Pat’s generosity and thoughtfulness!

It is our hope that people will decide to rescue a dog after reading about Biscuit’s story and his adventures!  Biscuit has been such a wonderful part of our lives.

Below are the beautifully wrapped gifts from Pat and Dusty!

IMG_2837 2



IMG_2864 2

Below is a really nice note enclosed in the gift box from Pat.  I am so happy that she enjoys reading the blog and her note is very touching.

“Katie, This is a small token of appreciation for your efforts regarding Biscuit’s website!  I have enjoyed your comments and the pictures of little Biscuit, he has such a lovely coat and, I think very soulful eyes.  I still miss my Major.”  Happy Holidays!

IMG_2850 2

Thank you so very much, Pat and Dusty — Biscuit will love opening his gifts from you on Christmas!

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