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News from Katherine Carver Photography

Well, we made it through the hurricane with power.  We saw on the news that there were so many places without power and major flooding.  Luckily, our sump pump worked well and it is continuing to run continuously today.

Biscuit did a good job during the hurricane.  Doug took him outside multiple times yesterday during the storm.  However, the very strong winds nearly blew little Biscuit over.  These were not good weather conditions conducive for our little Biscuit or anyone for that matter.

On a good note, the hurricane provided time for me to update my website, which is something I have wanted to complete.  As a result, new portfolios are now shown on my website!  I hope to continually update my website with new material moving forward.

Doug also worked on an art project during the hurricane – more on that in tomorrow’s blog post!

Also, I recently received my new business cards with my new logo/brand, shown immediately below!




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