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Cheetah and Panda Totem

Below is a photograph of a custom hand-made cheetah and panda totem that are joined together.  Laura Johnson of Le Animalé recently made this custom cheetah and panda animal totem that we are very happy to have displayed in our home!  I had this totem made as a gift for Doug to commemorate our four-year wedding anniversary!  We love cheetahs and pandas!  Laura is very talented, and you should check out her website to see her vast selection of animal totems!  She also includes a stat card with each totem she makes.  She can make anything, and we will likely have a totem made of little Biscuit as well!


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  1. maggi #

    So adorable!!! And Happy Anniversary! I hope you two had a beautiful, stress-free day. 😀

    October 12, 2012

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