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When Dogs Come to Work Everyone Benefits

This post below is from Life With Dogs.  My husband, Doug, always says that he wishes the he could take our little Biscuit to work with him as it would be a huge “morale boost!”  Biscuit is usually always up for an adventure, except for adventures to the vet’s office!

Every day millions of lucky dogs and their humans get to go to work together, and many people support the idea that it makes the workplace feel less stressful and generally creates a happier atmosphere.  Erin McCormack, who works at Authentic Entertainment in Los Angeles agrees, saying ”They are a calming force.  When things get stressful, you can lean down and pet your dog or take a walk and pet a nearby dog.  You get a more efficient workplace, one that’s not consumed with stress.”

McCormack’s dog Molly, a Maltese mix, is one of the fortunate dogs who gets to spend every Friday at work with her mom.  In addition to making the workplace less frantic feeling, McCormack says ”It’s such a great way to create a productive atmosphere. It makes the environment more conducive to creativity.”  As well, it saves dog owners the cost of dog walkers or day care since they can walk them on lunch breaks.  There is also support for the argument that this contributes to the overall health and well being of staff since it gets them out of their chairs and out into the fresh air, also contributing to improved productivity.

An American Pet Products Association survey indicates that one in five business in the United States is pet friendly, including Google Inc. and  Amazon Inc. who both say that it helps keep employees happy and therefore boosts retention.  ”Engineering and software companies are often the type of company that is pet-friendly,” says Len Kain, cofounder and editor of DogFriendly. com, which lists dog-friendly companies in every state.

Allowing dogs to come to work is also a way for companies to show that they are “different,” that they care about people and their quality of life.  And of course, dog owners want to give their dogs the best possible quality of life, so everyone benefits.

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