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Biscuit is shown on Orvis’ Website

Biscuit is on the Orvis’ website!

Biscuit is also the April 2012 centerfold in the Orvis Dog Book!




Biscuit Health Update: Biscuit went to the vet last night, and he does have a bacteria and yeast infection in his left ear.  An ear culture was taken and sent to the lab; however, the vet did see bacteria on the slide she reviewed in the office.  The vet sent us home with some antibiotic ear drops to use until the cytology results come back and the vet can best determine what medicine to put Biscuit on to treat the infection.  We should hear from the vet by Monday.  The vet said that Biscuit may have to get an ear flush as well to make sure his eardrum and membrane looks ok before starting the ear medicine.  Biscuit was a very good boy at the vet!  Although, he hates having his ears cleaned and he does not like the antibiotic drops placed into his ears.

We took Biscuit to Federal Hill in his Hound About last night before bed to get some fresh air, and he loved it and was all smiles!

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  1. charlyn Kwiaktowski #

    Beautiful Biscuit!! Congratulations on the spread in Orvis, Biscuit!! Glad to hear you are doing better, too. Hey…..CryBaby doesn’t like that stuff in her ears, either! Take care and keep up the good work!

    ~Charlyn & CryBaby Kwiatkowski

    April 5, 2012

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