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Biscuit – The Escape Artist

Biscuit’s recovery seems to be going smoothly, except he hates wearing his Comfy Cone!  Over the weekend, Biscuit snapped at us and he also bit Doug and I, (no skin was broken) and he continues to show us his teeth each time we put on his Comfy Cone.  This is very much out of character for Biscuit.  Biscuit has already managed to take his Comfy Cone off two times this weekend.  As a result, yesterday, we purchased a collar with a snap clasp that we looped through the Comfy Cone so Biscuit can no longer take it totally off, especially if we are not at home with him to put it immediately back on him.  (Biscuit typically wears a small Martingale collar).

However, when I got home today, despite our best efforts, Biscuit got his Comfy Cone off again!  Fortunately, he did not go after his stitches.  We went to see the vet this evening, and she gave us a smaller Comfy Cone and she recommended that we put a shirt on Biscuit.

We are still awaiting biopsy results from his mass removal, which we should get sometime this week.  Otherwise, Doug and I wish that March 2, 2012 were here – when the Comfy Cone comes off!

Below is a photograph of Biscuit wearing one of Doug’s t-shirts, while getting a break from his new, smaller, Comfy Cone.

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  1. maggi #

    OMG! Biscuit, you nutty little fuzzbutt!

    Oh, this is so funny. i know, not for you, but I have to say, he’s one smart sheltie. Hopefully, he won’t have to wear the ‘Cone of Shame’ for teh whole two weeks. porr little fella…

    February 22, 2012
  2. maggi #

    Please disregard spelling errors. My fat fingers are incomparable with my phone.

    February 22, 2012

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