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Alex’s Fourth Birthday Celebration!

This post is very late, as Alex is going to be five in a few months, but I wanted to document her fourth birthday on the blog! For Alex’s forth birthday celebration, she had her little friends over for face painting and a rainbow-themed science show, where they watched a live rainbow-themed science show and made bouncy balls together! The face painting was also a hit, the artist did a wonderful job making her artistic creations. This was Alex’s first party since she turned one, due to COVID.

During this time, my parents came to visit for Alex’s birthday, and we took a trip to Dutch Wonderland, which was a hit, and we had really nice weather, thankfully! Alex loved the amusement park, especially the Frog Hopper, her favorite ride!

Alex and my Mom have the same birthday, so on their actual birthday, a few days later, we took photos, had another special cake made, and went to dinner and opened gifts! Then, Alex did some horse riding! And her orange Pello bike, finally came in August, which she loves, as it was on back order for several months, and it is her favorite color!

Coincidentally, Alex is having an early fifth birthday celebration at school today, with her class, and she is bringing her favorite cupcakes today, since school is not in session during the summer to celebrate! A photo is below.

Alex’s fourth birthday celebration is shown below.

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