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Sending Art to Friends and Family!

Our sweet Alex has been busy at work making her art and sending it out to friends and family! She has been sending out a couple cards with her art work each week! Everyone has enjoyed receiving Alex’s art in the mail, and they send me photos, some are shown below, to share with Alex about displaying her art, which she loves! She decorates all of her envelopes with stamps and stickers! And, it seems, most all of her stickers have made it thought the mail in tact! I love that Alex loves sending cards as much as I do. I keep cards on hand for her to use, she loves picking cards out at the store, and Alex always comes to me with a new piece of her art and lets me know who she wants to send it to, and I address the envelopes for her, and then Alex works all of her decorating magic on the envelopes! It has been a lot of fun, while simultaneously making others pleasantly surprised and happy, too! And, Alex’s favorite part is placing the finished works in the mail all by herself! Then, Alex usually says to me, “Mommy, she is just going to love getting my card and art in the mail!” And, she is right, people are delighted!

I cannot believe we are in mid-April, already! The time is flying much too quickly! Wishing you a Happy Easter! Alex is so excited for the Easter Bunny to come visit her, and she is looking forward to her egg hunts!

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