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A Silver Lining of the Pandemic

How are you doing these days? The news is heavy.  Reports from Ukraine are horrifying, and the pandemic rages on, while so many people are suffering in this world.

The pandemic has definitely had it challenges, and it has especially had a toll and great impact on parents and children. Despite all of the challenges, I have been fortunate to be able to spend more time with our rescue sheltie, Victory! Victory and I have spent the most time together out of everyone in our little family over these past two plus years, and it has truly been a gift. I never take the time we have with Victory for granted, and it has been so wonderful to have her with me, each day, sitting under my desk while I work, a trusted companion, who is always on the look out for treats. I always look forward to our cuddles during the day! It has also been helpful to be able to walk her and take her potty as many times as she needs, without relying on a neighbor or dog walker, especially since she is prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs). And, since the weather is finally feeling spring like and it is now officially spring, thank goodness, I have been able to take her for rides in her Hound About, and it has been great, she loves it, and I love seeing her big smile!

Being home more, due to the pandemic, I have certainly had my share of cabin fever, especially during the cold winter months, so we are sure to get Victory out and about as much as we can, which she loves! I will always cherish this special time time together. And, as a byproduct of the pandemic, our fur girl, has come out of her shell even more in her senior years, which has been wonderful to witness. Victory has been more flexible, even letting Alex taker her on walks; and Victory is now jumping into Alex’s big girl bed at night for story time, while Doug reads his girls Curious George books! She literally has found her ‘inner-puppy’ later in life! I am so grateful for our beloved and precious fur girl!

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