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The Pet Show

The Pet Show exhibition at Fotographiska, located in Stockholm, Sweden, showcases photographers and artists, including Martin Usborne, Robin Schwartz, Sophie Gamand, Tim Flach, William Wegman, and Elliot Erwitt, as well as new and emerging artists.

The exhibition is a tribute to pets and their place in our hearts and our history, and their significance in art and culture through the centuries. Twenty-seven artists and more than 140 works blending documentary photography, portraits and everything in between infusing what we love best about dogs: their present moment nature; endlessly entertaining quirks and pure expressions of unconditional love; and joy. The Pet Show celebrates animals for what they are: beloved works of art.

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  1. Ivo #

    Thanks for sharing this. What a pity we still cannot travel as we used 😦 This is something I’d love to see.

    January 18, 2022

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