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Find What Feeds You

I loved this excerpt from Lisa Congdon, which you might find inspiring, too!

“Staying motivated to keep your continued sense of happiness requires its own form of discipline. It requires staying open and curious. It requires searching for and diving deep into what feeds you — and allowing yourself to head down dark rabbit holes. Sometimes what feeds you isn’t cerebral at all, but is found in moving your body by walking, dancing, or athletics. What’s important is to make space for the searching, and then to use what you find — at least the parts that excite you most — as the inspiration and energy for living your life. Want to stay inspired and motivated? Make space for it. Get enough rest. Be curious. Read books. Watch films. Listen to podcasts. Go look at art. Get out into the world. Go to therapy. Participate in a revolution. Uncover your own story. Find what feeds you.”

Here is a recent video of our girls together.

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  1. Anonymous #

    Thanks for the quote!
    Your girls are just the cutest things!!

    October 4, 2021

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