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Victory: Integral to the Bedtime Routine

Our very sweet and beloved fur girl, Victory, is integral to our bedtime routine, and it would never be the same without her! Ever since Alex entered our lives, Victory has been right there with us, every step of the way. We are now at a point where the girls are truly bonded and Alex understands she needs to be gentle with Victory!

So, after dinner, Victory usually heads up to Alex’s room and lays down in her room until Alex is done with her bath! (I still remember initially setting up Alex’s nursery, before she was born, and Victory was a bit nervous to go into the nursery! How times have certainly changed, thankfully!) Then, after getting lotion on, teeth brushed, and pajamas on, the girls go up to see the trains with Doug, which Alex affectionally refers to as the “choo choos!” Victory usually only stays upstairs to get a few treats; then she goes back and waits for Alex in her room, as Victory does not care for the noise of the trains! Doug recently got Alex a Lionel Mickey/Minnie operating box car, which she loves from the 1990s! (A sweet video is shown below). When Doug and Alex are finished doing the trains, we all end up in Alex’s room and we play together and read books together. Of course, we all feed Victory treats, which she loves! Victory also loves licking Alex’s clean skin after her bath! At 8:00 p.m., the Hatch turns on automatically, with ocean waves, for white noise, indicating it is time for bed! Alex then immediately says, “It’s time for sleepy time!” Then everyone cleans up and Doug and Victory say goodnight and head downstairs. Alex and I read a few more books together, cuddle, whereby Alex gives the best hugs and kisses — ever, and then Alex goes down to sleep with no issue, usually!

Victory, Doug, and I usually get an hour of uninterrupted time together, and then we head to bed as well, where Victory gets lots of belly rubs before she goes to bed with us in our bed! Victory is such an integral family member, and we love her so much! We are so very fortunate that she came into our lives; this little rescue dog has stolen our hearts forever, and we fondly refer to her as, “our older daughter!”

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