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Snapshot: Fall 2020

It has been a busy fall here, despite COVID-19. We have been taking advantage of the fall weather to get out and about, in a safe manner, before it gets too cold and winter really sets in! And, I am doing my best to stay on top of editing our photos, which is not so easy, but it will be my gift to Alex someday.

Alex got a new balance bike as a gift, this fall, from her Grandma and Grandpa, which she enjoys! We also got her a big wheel type bike, which she can peddle. Alex is a very active little girl! We are doing yoga with her, which she throughly enjoys, and she does a great downward dog!

We made multiple trips to the Maryland Zoo and the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve, which Alex loves! She greatly enjoys seeing and naming the animals, and she especially loves feeding the animals! Now, when we read her books, she tells us all the animals she has seen at the zoo! We also went to the apple orchard to pick apples, which Alex enjoyed! We took Alex back to the petting farm, and she enjoyed all of the animals and activities, including riding a horse! We, of course, went to the pumpkin patch, and annual tradition, with our fur girl, Victory! We also took the girls, recently, to a contactless dinosaur exhibit, which was a great hit with Alex, and it was so fun to bring Victory with us, too!

Additionally, this fall, Doug designed and built a custom train table to run his Lionel trains! He did a great job! It has been a long-awaited goal, which has, finally, come to fruition! Doug can continue to share his love of trains with Alex!

We also celebrated Victory’s ninth birthday! We celebrated Halloween with the girls, and they were matching Crayola red crayons! Doug carved our annual Halloween pumpkin, and Alex did “contactless trick-or-treating” in our neighborhood! She walked for two hours straight! She was a trooper! Alex had no idea what she was finding, the candy at the houses, which we tossed when we got home! She had fun on her Halloween scavenger hunt, nonetheless!

I cannot believe it is the end of November already! Doug is cooking our Thanksgiving dinner — I am sure Alex will help prepare our dinner, which she affectionately refers to as “cookin!” Over Thanksgiving, we are planning to also put up and decorate our Christmas tree, including putting up other Holiday decorations! Alex is learning about Christmas, so this is our first Christmas together where she is beginning to understand this concept! We got advent calendars for both of our girls: one is filled with little pieces of chocolate; and the other contains little dog treats! So, I know that will be a hit with the girls next month as they count down to Christmas!

Alex is changing all of the time, and it is amazing to witness! She is becoming an independent little girl who is dressing herself and putting on her shoes and coat all by herself! Alex and Victory are each living their best life! We hope that you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! We are grateful for our many blessings, even though things look and feel a lot different this year.

A few photos from our fall are shown below!

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  1. Linda Carver #

    Too cute!


    November 24, 2020

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