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Snapshot: Summer 2020

I took a break from the blog this summer to spend time with our little family and to complete my proposal for my photography project and finish the copyright process, which are done, finally, after much work!

Fall is here, one of our favorite seasons, which we are fully embracing before the winter sets in. Even though we are in the time of COVID-19, we did our best to make things as normal as possible for Alex (and Victory) this summer. We enjoyed a lot of time together at the outdoor pool, and Alex still has the tan lines from her swim suits to prove it! Alex loves the water and she can even tread on her own for a few seconds; she is a pro at maneuvering all over the pool on her buoy; she loves jumping into the water; and, by the end of the summer, she was wearing her speedo goggles! Alex is fearless and she will be swimming on her own in no time! This summer Alex also acquired two Big Joe floats: an angel fish and a frog, which we affectionately named, “Big Joe” and “Froggie Joe,” respectively! We were so grateful our pool opened, albeit late, but it opened, with safety rules, as we were desperate for safe activities for Alex during this strange time! We also went to a variety of parks with Alex; and, to close out the summer, we took Alex go-carting, which she loved! We have a lot of good memories from this summer, despite COVID-19. It is definitely a summer I will never forget for many reasons. A few photos from our summer are shown below!

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  1. Gina Harasti #

    Growing up fast, Alex! Love her sunglasses. You guys all look well and some terrific photos. Great news on project. Hope Victory is well. Pip has come back around. Conquered Lyme disease and only an occasional seizure. We love his vet, Dr. Judith Shoemaker, at Always Helpful Veterinary Services. Happy Fall! Stay well. Best, Gina


    October 6, 2020

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