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The Importance of Rest

I do not have a blog post prepared for this week as our home has been hit by sickness the past week, and our schedules have been quite full as well.  Alex is doing better, thankfully.  She had a terrible, terrible cold and an ear infection and an eye infection.  And, then I got sick with strep throat!  So Alex and I have been on antibiotics and we are doing better.  Doug and Victory did not get sick, thank goodness.  I really learned the importance of rest during this time.  I had not felt so badly in a really long time.  Doug was so kind that he got up early with Alex in the mornings, took her to her swim lesson, and he took Alex out on a ‘daddy-daughter’ date for several hours so that I could truly rest (with Victory) in bed.  They went to the Lego store, which Alex absolutely loved, where she got some more Legos, of course!  And they also went to Bass Pro, which welcomes furry family members, where she ran all over the store and climbed all over the all-terrain vehicles!  (Doug did not get one photo as he was too busy watching and running after Alex!)  I had so much on my to do list to get done last weekend, but I got what I really needed, which was sleep and rest.  So getting sick taught me that we really are more productive when we actually truly rest and get good sleep.  According to Arianna Huffington, we all do better with just one change: more rest and sleep.   So, I learned that I want to get more rest and sleep, I need to make a conscious effort to make it happen.  So far, I have found, it makes a world of difference.  So here’s to getting more rest!  (I am so glad we are feeling better as we are taking the girls to Pups in the Park this weekend!  It is our first time attending as a family of four — it should be an adventure to say the least!)

Happy Thursday!


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