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Around Here: November

Happy November!  We hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving!  We cannot believe this year is coming to a close so quickly and the December Holidays are quickly upon us.  Below are some items that have occurred around here in November!

-still working on finishing final edits, which are very tedious, while continuing to work on the next steps concerning my long-term photography project.  So very close to finishing!

-continuing yoga class this month, which has been great!

-started acupuncture earlier this fall, which has been really beneficial!  I highly recommend it.  (I was skeptical at first; however, I have found many benefits.)

-enjoying date nights together!  Doug and I are aiming to try at least one new restaurant a month to expand our horizons!  This month we tried Facci and Kloby’s both of which were really good!

-we are soaking up what little warm enough whether there is to take Victory out on walks in her Hound About!

-we subscribed to Texture, which provides many magazines at one’s fingertips via the iPad!  We love it!

-we celebrated Thanksgiving!

-finished our Pawliday card and photo calendar for 2018.

-started our Christmas shopping, and we’re almost finished — thank goodness for online shopping!

-continuing to work on getting fine art prints made, framed, and hung in our home, an ongoing endeavor!

-finished the first season of Mindhunder, a really good series.

-finished the second season of Stranger Things, also really good series.

-began reading Slow Motion by Dani Shapiro.

-listening to a myriad of podcasts, especially, at the gym and on walks!  (Here is an interesting podcast on dogs and how their great sense of smell impacts dogs’ world view).

-continuing to make incremental progress on our ever-growing to do list!

Happy Monday!


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