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Take Your Dog to Work Day!

You probably heard about “Take Your Child to Work Day,” but did you know there is also a day set aside each year for welcoming your fur family members into the office?  Every June features a “Take Your Dog to Work Day” when many employees “hire” their four-legged furry family members for the day.  This year, “Take Your Dog to Work Day”,  which falls tomorrow on Friday, June 23, has been celebrated annually since 1999 in the United States.  The unofficial holiday was created by Pet Sitters International as a way to encourage dog adoption and to celebrate the love and joy dogs bring to the lives of their ‘pet parents.’

However, some employers have “Take Your Dog to Work Day” everyday!  Dogs are even now welcome at the Interior Department!  There are many positive aspects to allowing dogs in the work place, perhaps a reason for this growing trend with employers.

Dogs in the office bring calm and promote wellness.  Employees are required, out of necessity, to take regular breaks to walk the dog, which is good for their physical health and provides a welcome break.  Dogs also have a calming effect on people — their natural joy and positive energy is a stress reliever and morale booster.

Dogs also foster happier relationships between humans, too.  When someone is walking their dog around or has a dog at his/her desk, other employees are more likely to talk to him/her.  The dog provides a nice way to start a conversation between two people whose work may not cross paths ordinarily.  Further, and importantly, this can also open the door to collaboration and creativity!

Unfortunately, our fur girl, Victory, is not yet permitted at the office.  However, Victory is a loyal companion in our home office.  She loves to either be on her bed, shown in the iphoto below, or she likes to sleep by my feet under the desk.  During the warmer months, I am guaranteed that Victory will provide a ‘bath’ for my feet and toes, never missing a spot!  Working with Victory by my side is always better!


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