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Just 60 Minutes a Day

The biggest hurdle preventing people from getting started on a project or dream is getting started.  Instead of focusing on all of the what ifs, being afraid of where to start, lacking the perfect idea, or being too busy, what if you simply decided to work 60 minutes per day on your project with no strings attached?  What if you are brave enough to simply start?

Ultimately, time is not something you find; it is something that you consciously make.  You can make great strides to creating a creative life by making small changes — simply set your alarm and wake up one hour earlier, reduce the amount of Netflix/television you are watching, and/or reduce your time on social media, for example.  Finally, let go of fear and perfectionism and be present in the moment.   These small changes can lead to a creative life with little sacrifice.

You can simply start by focusing on what you are curious about, while following your intuition.  We spend too much time being fearful of the small things that we never get around to doing anything about the really important things.  Taking action is the only way to make progress towards the things we desire.  You just have to keep taking the very next step that is in front of you, trusting that the one after that will become clear when you choose to step out in faith.

The world is waiting for you to share your special gifts!



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  1. Great advice! Starting is often the hardest part.

    October 4, 2016

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