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Painting: Victory’s Portrait

We finally had Victory’s portrait painted, which is painted in the same vein as her brother, Biscuit’s painting, shown below.  They soon will be hung side by side in our dinning room!

For Victory, since she is a little refined beauty, we decided to have an Audrey Hepburn inspired painting.  Below are some images, from around the web, that I put together to create a small inspiration board for the painting featuring the clothing, tiara, necklace, colors, etc.


victory painting inspiration


Next, we found two images of Victory to base the painting off of, shown below.


IMG_8606 4


Next, the images were cropped similar to Biscuit’s painting and then situated next to Biscuit’s painting to see which image of Victory would work better.  We chose the image of Victory with the brick wall in the background, while incorporating her furs from the image in front of the Christmas tree, as we felt this image aesthetically worked better with Biscuit’s painting.


IMG_8606 4


After creating an inspiration board and the selecting the two images of Victory, shown above, we commissioned Mary Medrano to paint Victory’s portrait.  She also painted Biscuit’s portrait, shown below, in 2011, soon after we rescued our sweet dear Biscuit.


Biscuit Painting 2011


With this visual information, Mary created a preliminary sketch of Victory, which the painting was based on, while keeping in mind our vision for the portrait.  The sketch is shown below.


VictorySketch 2


Below is the final portrait of Victory, which we are very pleased with!  Mary was great to work with, and we corresponded during the entire process over email, and she let us see her progress every step of the way, which allowed us to provide feedback along the way, which we enjoyed.  As you can see, we also made sure to incorporate Victory’s name in her tiara, as Biscuit’s name appeared just below his handkerchief.


VictoryHR2 FINAL


Finally, shown below, is how the paintings will soon be hung in our home — Victory and Biscuit will soon be hung, side by side, in our dinning room!  Since moving into our new home nearly three years ago, we saved a spot on the wall for Victory’s portrait.  Our loves, Biscuit and Victory, will forever proudly be displayed in our home!


VictoryHR2 FINAL


Have a wonderful weekend!  It has been a really busy week for us and we are going to soak up some time at our pool this weekend!

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