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Snapshot: Baby Liam

We recently spent several days in Michigan where we met our sweet and good-looking nephew, Liam!  He is simply adorable!  He is a really good baby, and Victory loved meeting Liam, too.  Victory was very gentle with Liam and, while Liam was nursing, Victory gave Liam multiple licks on his tiny toes and the bottoms of his tiny feet, and Liam did not seem to mind!  Victory did really well on this trip and she had a great time at her Grandma and Grandpa’s house and her Autie Kassie’s house!  Also, while in downtown Ann Arbor, Victory enjoyed her first ‘pup-cake’ from the Cupcake Station!

My sister, Kassie, is doing well and she is a wonderful mom, very at ease; and Liam loves his Mama very much!  While we were visiting, my parents and Doug and I all took turns holding little Liam and feeding Liam his supplemental bottles!  Kassie and I even gave Liam his first full bath.  Doug was a natural with Liam, whom he coined, ‘Little Dude!’; Doug even held Liam for over an hour and a half straight without any fussing from Liam!  We also took Liam to Eastern Market for the first time and he did really well.

We wish little Liam lived closer to us.  We look forward to our trip together next month, where we are spending time together at a lake house on Lake Michigan!  We can’t wait to hold precious Liam again!  I already miss his wonderful baby smell and his velvety soft skin!  Thank goodness for FaceTime!

A few snapshots are shown below from our recent trip to Michigan meeting baby Liam, who is a month old in these images!  (As you will see, ‘Uncle Nick’ is still getting acclimated to little Liam!)  Additional photos from our trip are forthcoming!

Happy Wednesday!


IMG_8777 2




IMG_9499 2


IMG_9196 2


IMG_9236 2


IMG_9298 2


IMG_9348 2


IMG_9486 2


IMG_1209 2


IMG_1016 2

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  1. Anonymous #

    I was hoping you would share some photos of your trip. What sweet pictures!! Liam seems “tall” and very alert for his age. I know what you mean about the skin and baby smell. There is nothing like it!

    June 1, 2016
  2. Gina Harasti #

    Oh my gosh — such a beautiful baby. Everyone looks so happy — brought tears to my eyes. We are expecting another Marino baby in October, and it’s a girl (I have 5 great nephews). My nephew and his wife are expecting. Everyone is so excited for baby girl Marino’s arrival in October.


    June 1, 2016

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