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Dog + Cheetah

We love pandas and cheetahs.  We were very happy and excited to visit the new panda cub at the National Zoo this spring!  We have visited the past two cubs, Tai Shan and Bao Bao, at the National Zoo!

My Mom sent me this stroy about Adaeze, a cheetah, and Odie, an Australian shepherd, who are inseparable friends for over a year year who reside at the Leo Zoological Center in Greenwich, Connecticut.

According to the zoo representatives, “I wanted Adaeze to bond with a dog because she [Adaeze] would need the outlet for play and past studies have shown calm dogs can help tame cheetahs — especially in stressful public events where a dog is at ease, Leone said.”

The zoo tried pairing Adaeze with a picture perfect young puppy her age that was very calm, and older Odie was just suppose to be a fill-in.  However, to everyone’s surprise, Adaeze hit it off with Odie and they are best friends who play nonstop according to the zoo representatives.  In fact, the only time they are apart from each other is during feedings.  According to the zoo representatives, right after they finish up their meals, they wait, nose-to-nose against the door, excitedly waiting to be reunited!

This story illustrates that there are many positive roles a dog can play in one’s life!  Please see more of Adaeze and Odie playing together, here!  They are adorable!



Photo Credit: Tyler Sizemore at Hearst Connecticut Media
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  1. Anonymous #

    Odie finally got what he wanted–to have his pal take ahold of the toy. This is amazing–I hope they stay friends as they get older.

    February 25, 2016

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