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Things I Love: Winter 2016

It is officially winter with the colder temperatures, and I wanted to share some items that I love!  Winter, along with the cold temperatures and short days, is not my favorite time of year, but I am making the best this season this year, while focusing on finishing my project.  The cooler weather provides more time to do editing work for my photography project and it also provides time to catch up on things inside our house that I would otherwise put aside.  Below are the items I am loving during the winter!


Loving Winter 2015


1. Mantra Bands – A friend recently told me about Mantra Bands.  I love them and I sent several as Christmas gifts this year.  I have the one that reads, “Be Present,” which is my word and mantra for this year.  Thus, I am constantly reminded of my word for the year!

2. Athletica Down Vest — Doug got me a vest from Athletica, and I love it.  It has come in very handy, especially since the beginning part of winter has been unseasonably warm.  It is very comfortable and keeps me warm without simultaneously being too warm!

3. Goody Hair Ribbon Elastics — I recently discovered these hair ribbon elastics, and I love them.  I find them to hold my hair much better than regular hair rubber bands.

4. Clinique Face Primer — I have been using the Clinique Universal Face Primer, and I love it.  My makeup, when I wear it, goes on so much more easily, and it prevents flaking in the dryer, cooler months.

5. Fitbit  As part of my Christmas present from my parents, I got a Fitbit, and I love it.  It helps keep me on track with my movement, and I have been reaching 10,000 steps on most days!

6. Hold Still Sally Mann — After the Holidays, I started reading Sally Mann’s new memoir, and I am enjoying this book.  I love reading about other photographers and artists’ lives.  I like Sally Mann’s work and it is really intriguing to read more about her life and her artistic process.  I recommend this book to any  artist.

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Friday!

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