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ASPCA: Four Ways to Help Animals During the Holidays

It is officially the Pawliday season!  The ASPCA requested that I help spread the word about how we can all help animals during this Holiday season.

1. Adopt, Don’t Shop

Make adoption your first option this holiday season!  Avoid buying anything from pet stores that sell puppies because most of them come from puppy mills.  Search for local adoptable animals by visiting here.

2. Help Local Shelters

Help your local shelter by volunteering your time or finding out what supplies they need.  You can also win a grant for your local shelter by entering the ASPCA’s “Home for the Holidays” contest with the Dogist and Subaru.

3. Have a More Humane Holiday Meal

If you eat meat, eggs, or dairy, look for certifications that require better treatment for animals on farms, specifically Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved, and Global Animal Partnership (Levels 2 and above).  Visit here to view a label guide and get useful tips and info on how to have a more humane holiday.

4. Host a Holiday Sweet Swap

Consider hosting a holiday bake sale at your office or with friends and family and donate the proceeds to help animals in need.  Find out how to start your sweet swap here.


aspca holiday


The above image is courtesy of the ASPCA.

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