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Around Here: November

Well, it is difficult to believe that we are well into fall on our way to winter and on our way to the end of this year.  Below are some items that have occurred around here in November!

-continuing to work steadily on my long-term photography project, and I am nearly finished drafting the draft copy for the project!  I continue to edit images for the second portion of the project.  I hope to be done sometime later in 2016, nearly 4 years after beginning this project.  It will be very gratifying to finish!

-continue to prepare filings with the U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

-I got a new computer, which I desperately needed!

-my parents came to visit us.

-I was quite sick in the early part of the month, and we consequently had to reschedule our trip to North Carolina.  We plan to go in the early spring along with our fur girl!

-burning fall-scented candles all over the house!

-enjoyed cooler evenings and walks together outside!

-enjoyed time together on the deck, while the weather was still nice.

-enjoying date nights with Doug!

-enjoying my yoga class!

-I am behind on my reading this month.

-started the first season of Flesh and Bone.

-started the second season of Orphan Black.

-giving our fur girl her monthly bath — Victory is getting better about bath time, but it still takes both Doug and I to bathe Victory!  Victory’s fur feels so smooth and silky after her bath and brush out!  You can see below how much her beautiful fur coat is coming in!  She looks so regal!

-we had a great Thanksgiving, and it was nice to see family!

-My sister announced at Thanksgiving that they are having a baby boy!

-while in Michigan over Thanksgiving, we met Chrissy, a relative of our fur girl, who came from the same horrible hoarding situation as Victory.  A photograph of the fur girls are shown below.  I will share more soon on our visit!

-we finished and received our Pawliday card and card packaging, which are almost ready to be sent out!

-started Christmas shopping!

-started decorating the house for Christmas!

-continuing to make more progress on our ever-growing to do list!

Happy Monday!


IMG_1066 2



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  1. New winter coats soon.

    December 1, 2015

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