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A Change of Scenery: Rejuvenation

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During vacation, I took a break from everything, which I do not practice often enough.  What I noticed is that I really needed a break from my work and the usual routine — we were so ready for our vacation.  I felt a bit drained and depleted, to be honest.  I also noticed that the intentional break gave me space to think about other things that had been pushed to the back burner as well as time to reflect on the projects that I am currently working on.  Most of all, I felt free.  After taking this long break during vacation, I felt more rejuvenated and, upon our return, I have been able to dive into work with a new perspective.  A change of scenery really does wonders.  Therefore, I highly recommend taking intentional and frequent breaks to enrich your work and the creative process.  (Please note that breaks do not have to be in the form of a vacation.)  Also, I often find that a problem that I am working on in my work becomes more clear after I have stepped away, even for a short period of time, and I am then able to come back with a fresh perspective.  A Change of Scenery = Rejuvenation.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Gina Harasti #

    A good practice that I did not figure out until 2006. Age gives one perspective. Start early!

    We received some good news on Monday. When Maisey was seen by the oral surgeon last April, there was a suspicious area on her jaw that was biopsied and was diagnosed by the pathologist to “likely” be an osteo sarcoma, i.e., bone cancer. I did not share because something inside my head it was not true, and while some of that was likely denial, I felt that if I did not say it, then it could not be true. We were given the option to have part of her jaw bone removed. After much thought, discussion, research, and prayer, we decided NOT to put her through the surgery.

    We took Maisey back this past Monday (6 months later) to address the return of some pretty horrible halitosis (as in dead tissue smell). We were prepared to hear the worst. However, xrays revealed the area where the sarcoma was supposed to be had grown over with bone, i.e., no cancer! The biopsy which said “likely” sarcoma, was wrong and should have said “not likely”. Maisey had yet another small broken tooth at the gum line that was taken out and her teeth were cleaned and an exam of the tonsils, tongue, and throat was conducted. All clear. We were give a solution to add to her drinking water to help with plaque. We have to keep close track on whether the halitosis begins again and document coughing, burping and hacking (which she does occasionally). It is thought that she may have a gastric issue for which a stomach protector Rx can be given. Her blood work prior to surgery was good — no issues. We are so happy to know our girl does not have cancer. She has been happy and healthy (but for the halitosis, which is currently gone). While we have tried to brush her teeth, it is not going well and it is hard to re-train a now 13 year old JRT.

    We got Maisey with bad teeth. She was a champion frisbee catcher with her previous owners, which we now know is a big no no. She was also a “cage biter” while in her crate. Some breeds should not be crated. At any rate, we will continue to ensure her mouth is kept healthy. At 13, she is truly amazing. So happy we have her.

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    October 22, 2015
  2. I love this, we all definitely need to get away now and then! I hope you feel refreshed! xx

    October 25, 2015

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