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Photo Books: Our Weddings

I recently made photo books of our wedding and my sister’s wedding, in addition to several more photo books.  (We already have albums from our wedding, but I wanted to make our own wedding photo books, creating narratives of this special day.)   I made these photo books through Artifact Uprising.  I think that they turned out really well.  Each wedding photo book is entirely black and white, keeping with the timeless, iconic, and elegant theme of each wedding.  There are roughly seventy images, 140 pages, included in each photo book, which are printed on matte art paper, with thick white boarders around each image, along with a partial exterior dust jacket.  (You can view the inside of a sample book here.)   Each book contains one image on the right side and a blank page appears on the left side.  This way, the viewer can focus on one image at a time.

It was quite an undertaking to select, prepare the images, and determine the sequence for each photo book.  However, I am very thankful that I made these books, which make wonderful heirlooms.  This item had been on my list for quite a long time, and I am really glad that this is now completed!

Now, my parents have copies of these two wedding photo books; my sister and brother-in-law have a copy of their wedding photo book; and my sister’s in-laws have a copy of my sister’s wedding photo book.  Everyone loved the photo books!  A few images of our wedding photo books are shown below!


IMG_2555 2


IMG_2466 2


IMG_2528 2

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