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Around Here: March

Well, it is March and spring should be here soon, hopefully by Friday, the first day of spring!  We are happy to have an extra hour of light each day; and we are happy that the temperatures are getting warmer!  Below are some items that have occurred around here in March!

-working really hard editing images for my long-term photography project, and I am getting close to finishing a draft of the first part of the project.

-gearing up for the final photo shoots for my project occurring shortly.

-making updates to my website and blog.

-attending training class with Victory!  She is making good progress.  Due to her anxiety in new situations and when she meets new people, we start private lessons shortly to help give Victory some one-on-one training time.

-started a new yoga class, which has been great and a good way to mix up the week at the gym.

-began reading this book.  I am examining how I am spending my little pockets of time.

-we are getting our outdoor deck furniture ready to set out as soon as it gets warm enough, and we look forward to spending time time outside on our deck with Victory along with enjoying sunsets together!  We shall see if she uses her outdoor Orvis dog bed similar to this one.  Last year, Victory did not want anything to do with it!

-making homemade dinner with Doug on Sundays.  One of our favorites is fried tilapia.

-making breakfasts together on the weekends.

-we had our first Shake Shack burger and it was delicious!

-began and finished watching House of Cards.  This season got off to a sluggish start, but it picked up, with a surprise ending.

-started to open the windows in the house to let in fresh air!  Yay!

-burning lots of candles around the house!

-having date nights with Doug — we went to one of our favorite restaurants this past weekend in Delaware!  We can’t wait for it to get warmer so that we can take our fur girl with us!

-taking more walks outside with Victory since the weather has warmed up some!  She loves her Hound About!

-giving Victory a bath — not her favorite thing to do — but she looks so great when she is all bathed and groomed!

-Victory and I will be on our own most of this week as Doug is going away on travel for work.

Here is a photograph of a freshly bathed and groomed Victory cuddling up with her ‘Victory Bone Pillow’ in our bed!

Happy Monday!


IMG_8332 4

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  1. Anonymous #

    Photo of Victory is adorable!

    March 16, 2015

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