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2015 Reader Survey; Please Help!

I have been writing and running this blog now for three years.  Since it is a new year, I thought it would be appropriate to obtain some feedback from readers, especially since we have many new blog followers and readers.  I am constantly wondering what you all like to read; therefore, I created a brief  survey, shown below.

I hope that you will take a second to fill out this totally anonymous survey, only fourteen quick questions, in Likert-type scale format,  (i.e., no registering/logging in or anything), to help me gain insights as to what you all like to see and read.  Please be sure to click “vote” after you answer each surgery question below.  If you do not want to answer a question, just leave it blank.

And please, you long time readers PLEASE join in the survey, too.  You are who I need feedback from the most.  So, please, take three minutes and give me your feedback – I promise that no matter what it will be valuable and the blog will be a better place because of it.  THANK YOU!

Have a fantastic weekend!

*For subscribers, you can access the survey on the blog here.


both_300_bw 2

Thank you very, very, very much!


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